AURA Home Tech Ltd, Terms and conditions of business.

rev. April 2019



    1. ’contractor’ shall mean AURA Home Tech Ltd. ‘customer’ shall mean the person, company or firm responsible for instructing the works. ‘works’ shall mean those works described in the quotation. ‘contract’ shall mean a contract formed upon acceptance of a quotation.



    1. By acceptance of a quotation or inviting the contractor to start work(s) the customer agree’s to the following terms and conditions, which forms a contract.



    1. Unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing by both parties, a quotation remains open for acceptance for 30 days unless previously withdrawn. Thereafter it is subject to confirmation or adjustment by the contractor.



    1. Prices are based on the work being undertaken during normal working hours of 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday and exclude Bank or Statutory National holiday working. Where overtime is worked at the request of the customer, the contractor will charge for all extra costs involved as a result thereof.

    2. Where the customer requires additional works and / or variation from the works described in the quotation such works shall be the subject of a separate contract agreement between the customer and the contractor.

    3. Health and safety requires the contractor to provide welfare facilities for its employees, it has been assumed that the customer will allow the contractors employees use of WC, washbasin and drinking water. If this is not suitable for any reason please notify the contractor in advance so alternative arrangements can be made.

    4. The contractor reserves the right to photograph aspects of their works carried out to be used for promotional or marketing material. The contractor will make best efforts to maintain the privacy of clients belongings and personal items. 



    1. When connected to pre-existing circuits the enhanced fault detection and protection capabilities afforded by RCD devices may expose underlying faults and deficiencies that have previously gone undetected. In this event remedial work to discover faults will need to be undertaken at the client's expense before final connection, testing, commissioning/handover is possible.

    2. When any additions or alterations to fixed wiring are taking place it is necessary for the existing and new wiring to meet the required testing standards of BS7671. In the event that these results are not satisfactory any remedial works are required, additional costs will be incurred by the client.

    3. Where the contractor has commissioned or programmed electronic, control or network devices it is advised that the customer contact the contractor should they wish to make any adjustments. Any repairs or additional programming required as a consequence of a customer or customers other trades making adjustments will be chargeable works.

    4. Network, control and security hardware installed allows the contractor to remotely access this hardware through internet cloud services. This allows the contractor to perform upgrades and support the system in the most time and cost effective manner. The customer should notify the contractor if they wish to have this facility removed.

    5. Unless specified, installation of wall mounted TV screens and furniture such as illuminated mirrors are not included in quotes. This work can be arranged as an addition and will be charged according to time and materials supplied.

    6. All waste materials will be suitable bagged or placed into available skip, disposal remains the responsibility of the customer unless prior arrangements are made.



    1. A deposit may be required before works commence.

    2. A payment schedule may apply and will be outlined before works commence, if applicable.

    3. Payment can be accepted by card or bank transfer only.

    4. Payment terms are strictly 7 days from date of invoice or where a payment schedule has been agreed payments are due on date of invoice.

    5. In circumstances where the customers project falls behind or stalls through no fault of the contractor, the contractor reserves the right to invoice for any outstanding labour time and materials on site, regardless of any payment schedule in place.

    6. Where a payment schedule is in place, no further works will be carried out until all outstanding invoices have been fully paid by the customer.

    7. All materials and parts remain the property of the contractor until full and final payment has been made.

    8. Interest of 8% above Bank of England base rate will apply to all late payments. Interest will be applied from date of invoice.

    9. The contractor charges an hourly labour rate of £65.00. All scheduled works are quoted in advance with a fixed labour cost. Prices are subject to VAT.

    10. Materials are charged at manufacturer suggested retail pricing (MSRP) or at trade price +30%, this is governed by re-seller agreements that the contractor holds with its suppliers. Prices are subject to VAT.



    1. No cooling off period applies if the customer has invited the contractor into their home or place of work to make urgent repairs, maintenance or the contractor has had products made to your specifications.

    2. If you request to cancel once works have started you must do so in writing to: AURA Home Tech Limited, Suite 2, 1 Kings Road, Crowthorne, RG45 7BF or electronically, please telephone the contractor to obtain the relevant email address for your works. You will be required to pay for all labour and materials costs incurred up to the point of cancellation.

    3. If you request to cancel after your cooling off period but before works have started you must do so in writing to: AURA Home Tech Limited, Suite 2, 1 Kings Road, Crowthorne, RG45 7BF or electronically, please telephone the contractor to obtain the relevant email address for your works. You will be required to pay for all labour and materials costs incurred if you cancel within 24 hours of the scheduled visit.



    1. All works carried out by the contractor are supplied with a 12 month labour warranty from date of installation.

    2. Materials are supplied with the manufacturer warranty, typically of 12 or 24 months.

    3. Any warranty repairs after 12 months will be subject to the contractors labour rates.




    1. ‘Phone & email support’ specified hours shall mean the times at which we will be working to resolve your support request.

    2. ‘Remote management’ shall mean the contractor shall utilise the remote access options available to resolve your support request where possible.

    3. ‘Remote monitoring’ shall mean the contractor actively monitors the client’s hardware for early intervention of any support related issues.

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